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Orthographically similar words

aitch, bitch, Dutch, fitch, hitch, itch, itchy, pitch, titch, Witch, witch Deich, dich, dicht

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(ditch) cuttings - BohrkleinLast post 03 Feb 07, 22:48
Ditch cuttings are plentiful and cheap. Aus technischen Unterlagen einer grossen Erdoelfirma1 Replies
last-ditchLast post 07 Nov 02, 21:19
aus : economist.com Combustion Engineering (CE), acquired in America over a decade ago, migh…2 Replies
ditch partyLast post 31 Jul 07, 12:57
"Why you not at school?" "I was going to a ditch party and--" "You almost became the ditch…4 Replies
ditch dayLast post 13 Jun 08, 08:54
"Where is everybody?" "Well today is ditch day, none of the students are here." Schwänz-Tag…12 Replies
ding-dong ditch - der KlingelstreichLast post 13 Jul 09, 21:56
http://forum.leo.org/cgi-bin/dict/forum.cgi?action=show&group=forum003_correct&file=200403089 Replies
etw. ausrangieren - to ditch sth.Last post 06 Mar 12, 09:27
Das eine oder andere Möbelstück hat eine Geschichte und man möchte es aus den verschiedenste…2 Replies
open-ditch irrigationLast post 14 Oct 06, 20:12
Western Australia is buying water freed up by transforming an open-ditch irrigation scheme t…2 Replies
last-ditch techniquesLast post 15 Jun 07, 16:16
We maintain consistently high spam catch rates and virus detection rates without resorting t…2 Replies
digging a ditchLast post 12 Sep 08, 15:42
Seems to be a common saying. Can anybody accurately translate this into German? Scheint ein…3 Replies
Ditch 'the dog'.Last post 29 Aug 11, 08:14
Ditch 'the dog'. A hair of the dog drink might help blunt your headache, basically by making…3 Replies