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Orthographically similar words

craft, drift, graft, raft Draht, Drift, Kraft, Ranft

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sketch, draw, design, bill, delineation, draught

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rough draft - RohfassungLast post 20 Feb 09, 19:22
Rohfassung is already listed as "raw version", which is fine, but I think it should be suppl…6 Replies
draft - zeichnenLast post 03 Jun 04, 15:18
In Sport, expecially Triathlon drafting is used as synonym for "Windschattenfahren". It is a…5 Replies
draft (AE) / draught (BE) - der EntwurfLast post 27 Jul 11, 21:10
'Entwurf' should be translated as 'draft' in BE (as it is in AE) See for example: http://…7 Replies
accommodation draft - die GefälligkeitstratteLast post 12 Aug 04, 14:21
Das hier wurde gerade per Fehlereinsendung angezweifelt. Vorschlag war, die Gefälligkeitstra…8 Replies
draft - synopsisLast post 19 Mar 16, 15:21
Could someone tell me if draft and synopsis really mean exactly the same?Thanks!8 Replies
draft - TiefgangLast post 06 Aug 07, 15:28
Alle Herstellerseiten oder Verkaufsseiten von Schiffen / Yachten. Bin selbst bei einem Schif…1 Replies
"Pay by bank draft"Last post 07 Dec 06, 08:45
(I know that Land und Leute probably usually refers to Deutschland und die Deutschen. I hop…3 Replies
euro-cheque, draft or transferLast post 29 Apr 11, 23:24
Hallo :-) jetzt winkt schonmal ein bisschen Geld, und ich weiß gar nicht, wie ich's annehme…13 Replies
Draft vs. DraughtLast post 06 Mar 08, 14:03
I'm just reading an article (written in AE) and the word draft (preliminary design, in Germa…5 Replies
draft curtain - BrandschutzvorhangLast post 16 Aug 06, 13:50
Airplane hangar fire protection Fireproof or incombustible curtain to enclose a given endan…1 Replies