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Orthographically similar words

draughty, drought, fraught

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move, draw, draft

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Aussprache "draught"Last post 04 Feb 08, 21:59
Hallo alle zusammen, mich wuerde interessieren, wie man "draught" ausspricht. Insbesondere…24 Replies
Draft vs. DraughtLast post 06 Mar 08, 14:03
I'm just reading an article (written in AE) and the word draft (preliminary design, in Germa…5 Replies
Zug - Zugluft, draft / draughtLast post 18 Jun 11, 22:37
1a) I cannot open the mouth very well. I think I sat in draught. 1b) I can't open the mouth …3 Replies
sleeping draught - Schlaftrunk / SchlafmittelLast post 21 Jun 09, 09:53
sleeping draught • noun Brit. dated a drink or drug intended to induce sleep. http://www.a0 Replies
sheer draught - Bauplan eines SchiffesLast post 24 Oct 15, 09:37
z. B. "The Ship of the Line, Vol. I" - Brian Lavery 1983, Conway Maritime Press, ISBN 0 8517…12 Replies
draft (AE) / draught (BE) - der EntwurfLast post 27 Jul 11, 21:10
'Entwurf' should be translated as 'draft' in BE (as it is in AE) See for example: http://…7 Replies
"Whisky” and “draught” in AE?Last post 06 Aug 15, 15:33
I watched “The Man with the Golden Arm” yesterday on arte. I noticed on the wall of the bar …4 Replies
draught parckagingLast post 10 Mar 09, 16:01
draught parckaging könnte mir des jemand übersetzen bitte? Danke11 Replies
draught screenLast post 10 Dec 08, 12:18
Conditions for the test rig are as follows: Test rig [shall be] sheltered by draught screens…3 Replies
hearty draught - kräftiger SchluckLast post 08 Apr 05, 09:52
http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/Travellers/chap_page.jsp?t_id=Borrow&c_ID=25&cpub_ID=0 I s2 Replies