Possible base forms for "dusted"

    dust (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

busted, doused, drused, duster, rusted duster

Forum discussions containing the search term

dustedLast post 23 Sep 17, 16:02
He wanted to do it in one clean shot. The SAW would have made a mess of the body. The other …4 Replies
sun-dusted Last post 13 May 11, 19:48
"lose yourself in the sun-dusted countryside with hiking boot" Das ist der Satz, den es zu ü…9 Replies
Done and dusted.Last post 11 Feb 09, 18:21
i.e. the job's completed, and there's nothing more to be done.6 Replies
down-dusted bellyLast post 24 Feb 11, 13:38
the waistband on her shirt contracts on her smooth d.-d. belly15 Replies
Dark Chocolate Dusted Goji Berries Last post 09 Aug 17, 10:59
Ich finde das im Deutschen recht umständlich zu übersetzen, jemand eine elegante Idee? 3 Replies
swell mat conformable layer, dusted phase connector, phase armLast post 07 Jun 10, 12:10
Hallo, kann mir jemand helfen, diese Begriffe ins Deutsche zu übersetzen? Danke im Voraus4 Replies
to be done and dusted - unter Dach und Fach seinLast post 06 Dec 13, 17:15
We expect the deal to be done and dusted before the end of this month. etw. erfolgreich abge…1 Replies
dusted quality // shop-soiled - angestaubte Ware // angestaubtLast post 13 Feb 07, 13:10
1) dusted quality I could only find "dusted quality" in Mr Honey's Business Dictionary, dic…4 Replies
entstaubenLast post 08 Mar 09, 21:46
Die seltene Oper, die Hermann den Cherusker aus wilhelminischer Sicht darstellt, wurde letz…9 Replies
cleanseLast post 26 Mar 08, 14:54
I found a shirt and cleansed it off dust. can you say that? or is "clean" better?1 Replies

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