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earnings - earnings = Gewinn?Last post 10 Feb 09, 23:43
In Leo wird "earnings" als "Gewinn" übersetzt. Das ist ja wohl grundlegend falsch. Im Deutsc…3 Replies
earnings managementLast post 02 Nov 06, 10:37
William R. Scott - Financial Accounting Theory (third edition 2003) For whatever reason,it s…3 Replies
earnings managementLast post 26 Jun 07, 10:17
earnings management occurs when managers use judgment in financial reporting and in structur…3 Replies
earnings management Last post 03 Jan 08, 23:17
earnings management = the set of managerial practices and decisions that influence accountin…1 Replies
earnings release Last post 01 May 08, 21:37
Überschrift einer INfo über das Geschäftsjahr Mittelung über die Gewinne? Wie sagt man das …1 Replies
earnings attributeLast post 16 Mar 09, 14:20
Hoffe Ihr könnt mit helfen, suche eine Übersetzung des Ausdrucks, die in einen wirtschaflich…1 Replies
earnings forecastLast post 06 Nov 08, 18:14
Japanese car firm Toyota has shocked analysts by announcing much lower than expected quarter…2 Replies
Earnings managementLast post 08 Nov 08, 18:54
wer kann mir bitte sagen was "earnings management" in folgendem Zusammenhang bedeutet: "The…1 Replies
earnings usefullnessLast post 13 Oct 08, 13:31
The emphasis is on earnings usefullness in the late 60s is not surprising, since accounting …1 Replies
earnings elementsLast post 15 Jul 07, 18:53
To comply with the requirements of ISO/TS 16949, it is necessary to implement a uniform qual…1 Replies

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