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aedile, dibble, edibles

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eatable, esculent

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nonpareil (edible)Last post 24 Mar 11, 14:02
Is this kind of candy commonly known in Germany? What would be its German name? In America w…20 Replies
edible/edible complexLast post 12 Jul 12, 15:20
A: Do you know what an edible is? B: I know what an edible complex is. A: You don't even kn…1 Replies
edible snail - die WeinbergschneckeLast post 10 Sep 13, 18:44
Liste essbarer Schnecken http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heliciculture#List_of_edible_land_sna…2 Replies
edible toadstoolsLast post 23 Sep 07, 19:58
..., or an tiny piece of chicken that cos 3 shillings or edible toadstools, and I bought tin…3 Replies
fish for everyday consumption - der SpeisefischLast post 29 Jan 10, 11:23
In Scotland, there has been little commercial exploitation of brown trout as a food fish[/9 Replies
essbare Knete - edible puttyLast post 24 Jul 08, 00:07
"Die Lebensmittelindustrie ... kreiert ständig neue und ausgefallenere Produkte: Vom Schnitz…3 Replies
edible - vom Menschen essbar?Last post 14 Feb 11, 13:42
Could I say "animals are often reared on grass and non-edible plants/plant parts" or is that…1 Replies
Pilzesammler - edible mushroom harvesterLast post 03 Dec 10, 22:19
Eine Gruppe von Pilzesammlern meldete sich gestern um 17.00 Uhr verzweifelt bei der Polizei,…1 Replies
edible intestines of the woodcock - SchnepfendreckLast post 06 Dec 05, 12:40
Rezept Schnepfendreck Aus dem Eingeweide der Schnepfen, dem sogenannten Schnepfendreck, mit …6 Replies
Unterschied zwischen "edible" und "eatable"?Last post 18 Feb 10, 20:35
Please, could anyone explain me the difference between "edible" and "eatable"? Thank you!1 Replies