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elaborate - elaboratedLast post 25 Sep 07, 15:25
Elaborated system oder elaborate system (ein ausgeklügeltes System) oder sogar besser: sophi…2 Replies
elaborateLast post 23 Oct 08, 23:50
Differentiated cells elaborate the new matrix to regenerate host tissue and restore it to it…3 Replies
elaborateLast post 03 Aug 09, 11:09
as found at several instances in a math book. e.g. "writing f(t) anf F(w) in polar form, ...…2 Replies
elaborateLast post 03 Aug 13, 19:51
"Do you need me to elaborate or can we crack on?" Muss ich es dir erst genau erklären oder …2 Replies
elaborate on/elaboration of?Last post 28 Oct 09, 13:34
Ich bin mir gerade einmal wieder unsicher, was die Verwendung von Präpositionen im Zusammenh…2 Replies
compulsively elaborateLast post 01 May 08, 13:22
Gravity's Rainbow' [a book] is bonecrushingly dense, compulsively elaborate, silly, obscene,…2 Replies
lumps elaborateLast post 21 Dec 09, 18:16
Suche die Bedeutung von lumps und elaborate in folgenden aus einem Informatikbuch stammenden…1 Replies
elaborate survival course - ausgekügelten ÜberlebenspakurLast post 19 Mar 11, 18:27
From what we know, the killer nabs people who are physically fit and more often than not the…3 Replies
Care to elaborate?Last post 18 Aug 09, 01:34
comment of my cousin due to my possible studies of medicine... could this mean "Wohl durchd…5 Replies
elaborate (musical service)Last post 28 Nov 16, 12:15
He introduced an elaborate musical service more elaborate and perfect than was to be heard i…3 Replies