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electrical outlet (Techn.) - die DoseLast post 10 Dec 11, 11:06
Noun 1. electrical outlet - receptacle providing a place in a wiring system where current ca…2 Replies
electrical conductivity [elec.]\t\t - elektrische LeitfähigkeitLast post 20 Sep 11, 13:06
Conductivity σ is defined as the ratio of the current density J to the electric field streng…6 Replies
electrical power system - das ElektrizitätsversorgungsnetzLast post 04 Nov 18, 13:07
electric power network = Elektrizitätsversorgungsnetz:…0 Replies
Electrical wasteLast post 09 Feb 06, 17:00
I need to throw out a lot of electrical items (TV, VCR, PC etc), but despite googling, haven…16 Replies
electric / electricalLast post 06 May 06, 16:54
gibt es da eigentlich einen Unterschied in der Bedeutung?2 Replies
electric versus electricalLast post 04 Aug 10, 02:11
"elektrische Leitfaehigkeit" can be translated as "electric" or "electrical" conductivity. w…2 Replies
electrical vs electricLast post 07 Apr 09, 16:58
electrical properties or electric properties ?? What is the difference?1 Replies
[electrical | internal] power supply / power supplies - die EnergieversorgungLast post 13 Feb 13, 21:50
DWDS: Energieversorgung die Energieversorgung für die Bevölkerung, Industrie Duden: Energi2 Replies
Using US electrical equipment in GermanyLast post 22 Jan 09, 08:02
I found that I may be moving to Germany within the next year. My question is regarding my el…35 Replies
Unterschied Electric vs ElectricalLast post 31 Jan 06, 10:05
Hallo Leute, ich rätsel schon geraume Zeit, worin der Unterschied zwischen Ausdrücken wie: …3 Replies

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