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USA: Donkey & Elephant Icons?Last post 25 Jun 08, 09:19
I came across the symbols of an elephant and a donkey, releated I think to the US parties. C…4 Replies
Baby Elephant Girl Jamuna ToniLast post 22 Jan 10, 09:56
The baby elephant recently born at Munich zoo Hellabrunn was named Jamuna Toni. Does anybody 3 Replies
forest elephant - WaldelefantLast post 27 Mar 05, 06:30
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/country_profiles/1067518.stm The Central African Rep…4 Replies
cow elephant - ElefantinLast post 02 Jun 10, 14:51
http://www.duden-suche.de/suche/trefferliste.php?suchbegriff[AND]=Elefantin&suche=homepage&t24 Replies
Build a white elephantLast post 28 Jan 05, 16:16
Auch in Leo findet sich ein Eintrag zu white elephant = nutzloser Gegenstand. Sehr haeufig w…9 Replies
elephant seal - See-ElefantLast post 06 Dec 05, 10:37
wiss.: Mirounga en: http://m-w.com/dictionary/elephant seal de: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki…6 Replies
elephant shark - Pflugnasenchimare, ElefantennasenchimärenLast post 24 Feb 08, 23:43
Die Pflugnasenchimären (Callorhinchidae)(Griechisch, kallis = schön, rhyngchos = Schnauze) o…1 Replies
pygmy elephant - ZwergelefantLast post 29 Jan 13, 14:09
Ten endangered pygmy elephants have been found dead in a reserve in Malaysia, with officials…1 Replies
elephant corralLast post 03 Jul 09, 23:36
Weiß jemand, was ein elephant corral ist?1 Replies
Elephant GunLast post 16 Dec 07, 12:14
If I was young, I'd flee this town I'd bury my dreams underground As did I, we drink to die,…2 Replies