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engage, preoccupy, utilise, use, apply, utilize, occupy

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to employ - einsetzen - MaterialienLast post 27 Dec 04, 15:42
To employ is translated as 'einsetzen - Materialien', and 'to deploy' is translated as 'ein…2 Replies
employLast post 08 Aug 09, 21:48
All (100%) GWS patients immunized for service in Desert Shield/Desert Storm who did not depl…6 Replies
employ in diesem Kontext?Last post 23 Dec 10, 16:08
Kontext: Es geht um ein Experiment, von dem ich den Versuchsaufbau erklären will. The mouse…2 Replies
employ factorLast post 09 Oct 11, 17:14
There is a factor that we need to employ more, that is the diminishment of conjunctival scar…1 Replies
Employ interventions - Interventionen anwenden???Last post 11 Dec 06, 11:06
Effective group decision making is likely to occur, when group members employ appropriate in…3 Replies
employ as a synonym for employment?Last post 09 Oct 08, 14:47
If you look up "die Beschäftigung" you will find "employ" right above "employment". But I ca…0 Replies
to employ asLast post 21 Jul 08, 01:48
women are employed as secretaries1 Replies
deploy - employLast post 28 Feb 08, 11:44
employee - Arbeitnehmer employer - Arbeitgeber Soweit ich weiß, ist der employee der Arbeit…6 Replies
employ/deployLast post 24 Sep 09, 16:28
In both reaction batches an amount of 10 g piperidine was DEPLOYED/EMPLOYED?? Grateful for …2 Replies
beschäftigen - employ?Last post 21 Oct 09, 11:16
"Die Firma beschäftigt weltweit ca. 400 Mitarbeiter in 65 Ländern." "The company emplo8 Replies