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job, hiring, occupation, task, engagement, position, activity

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employment protection - der ArbeitsschutzLast post 19 Dec 04, 11:27
Arbeitsschutz ist health and safety at the workplace0 Replies
jobs employment agency - die ArbeitsagenturLast post 07 Nov 12, 09:38
Definition of employment agency noun a business that finds employers or employees for those…6 Replies
UK Employment legislationLast post 19 Oct 06, 17:34
Hi, on my quest to find a permanent job that I actually like, I'm currently browsing the Gr…8 Replies
employment of furnish proof - VerwendungsnachweisLast post 12 Sep 05, 11:13
The English makes no sense whatsoever grammatically and I can't find a single proper example…7 Replies
short-time employment - geringfügige Beschäftigung Last post 21 Feb 09, 11:29
What is a part-time worker? A part-time worker is someone who works fewer hours than a full-…16 Replies
Labor passports - ArbeitszeugnisLast post 01 Feb 07, 11:11
LC = The Library of Congress LC Control No.:\t00316276 Type of Material:\tBook (Print, Mic…0 Replies
employment bureau, employment agency, job center - ArbeitsagenturLast post 11 Nov 08, 16:22
seit einigen Jahren heißt das ehemalige "Arbeitsamt" nun Arbeitsangeur - es können die gleic…5 Replies
capital employment - KapitalverwendungLast post 23 Feb 08, 01:23
siehe Kommentar entnommen aus Wirtschaftswörterbuch Band 2: Deutsch-Englisch, Prof. Dr. Wilh…1 Replies
German employment contractors for foreignersLast post 25 Feb 10, 10:24
Hi - not looking for legal advice, but I was hoping someone might be able to share personal …8 Replies
Equal employment opportunity self-identificationLast post 13 Dec 12, 22:50
Als Freiberufler bewerbe ich mich international um Aufträge. US-Unternehmen fordern dabei of…6 Replies