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endeavour, effort

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vain endeavor - vergebene MüheLast post 05 May 07, 21:50
'vergebene' Mühe muss nicht falsch sein, ist aber selten angezeigt. Ich plädiere dafür, 'ver…1 Replies
human endeavorLast post 29 Apr 09, 19:06
Mathematics, a human endeavor: a book for those who think they don't like the subject Das i…2 Replies
recreational endeavorLast post 31 May 08, 20:12
Storm chasing is chiefly a recreational endeavor, with motives usually given toward photogra…0 Replies
to endeavor to haveLast post 28 Jan 09, 15:34
Goal: To endeavor to have every organisation in the state operating under a duly adopted con…4 Replies
“bet the farm” endeavorLast post 17 Feb 15, 17:44
Hallo! Wie nennt man diese Art des Zockens auf Deutsch? Hier der Kontext: We view new nucl…4 Replies
a temporary endeavor - ein zeitlich begrenztes VorhabenLast post 07 Jun 11, 15:07
A project is a temporary endeavor. Ein Projekt ist ein zeitlich begrenztes Vorhaben. Habt i…6 Replies
to dovetail into a unified endeavorLast post 19 Nov 08, 08:27
Keep in communication to see how your efforts can dovetail into a unified endeavor! Could a…4 Replies
endeavor to include someone in somethingLast post 25 Oct 11, 17:42
Es geht um Aufgaben einer neuen Position in unserer Firma: -endeavor to include the marketi…4 Replies
endeavor to assist you - das Bemühen, dir behilflich zu seinLast post 23 Aug 12, 23:10
Endeavor to assist you to reserve the hotel. any ideas ? thank you. Versuch: Das Bemühen, …4 Replies
we should endeavor to strike at the root Last post 13 Oct 09, 19:15
He declared that the closed shop “is a theory of government to which those who understand and 2 Replies