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    entitle (Verb)

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Orthographically similar words

entitle, untitled

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authorised, authorized

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entitledLast post 28 Jul 13, 06:31
Her Nathaniel Piven, a thirty-something-year-old Brooklyn novelist and burgeoning public int…5 Replies
entitledLast post 03 Mar 21, 18:31
They are narcissistic, overconfident, entitled and lazy [talking about millenials/generation Y]35 Replies
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Each year, the Department of Words to Be Banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overu…1 Replies
berechtigt zu - entitled toLast post 16 Jan 14, 16:37
Man stimmt überein, dass jeder Manager berechtigt ist, anstelle einer direkten Beteiligung a…2 Replies
service entitledLast post 07 Nov 07, 10:31
A bribe was offered to receive a service entitled.1 Replies
entitled by contrastLast post 08 Apr 09, 12:14
-whether a clone is entitled by contrast to feel that a progenitor (genetically its monozygo…2 Replies
entitled to deathLast post 13 May 08, 12:17
Once you join the pension scheme you will also be entitled to death in serviece of 3 times y…3 Replies
entitled to damagesLast post 19 Aug 14, 17:28
XY has an obligation of result with respect to the Warehouse Services, meaning that no damag…3 Replies
assured and entitledLast post 24 May 13, 18:17
He recognized the type-posh Edinburgh, impeccably groomed, barely out of her teens but alrea…4 Replies
berechtigt sein - to be entitled toLast post 23 Dec 10, 09:16
der Kunde will lieber "to have a right of" ist das nun Geschmackssache, oder ist da ein wich…2 Replies