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envelop Enveloppe

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casing, sheath, jacket

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to push the envelope [ifml.] - über die Stränge schlagenLast post 26 Jun 04, 01:01
The current entry in LEO \tto push the envelope [tech.]\t \talles herausholen can have the …2 Replies
push the envelopeLast post 03 Sep 19, 13:50
Hi, is this phrase used in a positive or negative sense? If somebody pushes the envelope, ca…4 Replies
design envelope - BauraumLast post 29 Jun 04, 08:26
DaimlerChrysler Engieering Auburn Hills, MI, USA Bauraum (z.B. fuer einen Motortraeger) im …1 Replies
building envelope - FassadeLast post 22 Mar 10, 17:02
Ich mache gerade ein Praktikum in einer kanadischen Hausverwaltung, hier wird dieser Begriff…6 Replies
Lohntüte - pay envelopeLast post 29 May 08, 15:27
quelle: tmx0 Replies
envelopeLast post 05 Jun 07, 19:51
\tProgram Branded games, competitions and sponsoring to excite customers and share their pas0 Replies
envelopeLast post 05 Mar 14, 21:03
Hier nochmal im richtigen Forum: Prices take into consideration the conditioning of the Pro…6 Replies
envelope separator - der TaschenseparatorLast post 29 Apr 10, 16:40
http://books.google.com/books?id=JXdZIiq2wdEC&pg=PA1791&lpg=PA1791&dq=%22envelope+separa0 Replies
fold envelope - der FaltenspiegelLast post 13 Feb 07, 07:25
Draw a imaginary line over all fold hinges and you will get the fold envelope. (Strukturgeo-…1 Replies
envelope detectorLast post 25 Mar 06, 06:19
Wird in der Signalverarbeitung (Modulationen, etc.) benutzt. Könnte so in die Richtung von P…3 Replies