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volcanic eruption - echte VulkanexplosionLast post 21 Mar 13, 13:12
Sideways directed volcanic explosions, known as "lateral blasts," can shoot large pieces of …4 Replies
creeping eruptionLast post 07 Oct 08, 18:32
Hookworms Hookworms also live in the intestine. They attach themselves to the wall of the in…3 Replies
pastor eruptionLast post 20 Jun 08, 16:17
...from rumours that he is a Muslim to doubts among Catholic and Jewish voters to repeated "…4 Replies
recorded (volcanoe eruption)Last post 28 Nov 10, 23:06
This evening Wales is seeing what appears to be its first recorded volcanoe eruption. Hallo…2 Replies
Eruption of Mount VesuviusLast post 03 Jan 09, 20:01
the eruption of Mount Vesuvius Hello, I need to translate this into German and I'm kinda ha…17 Replies
The eruption of the volcano........Last post 27 Apr 10, 09:21
...Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland in the March 2010 shows us the boarder of a human imposing. W…5 Replies
Die Insel entstand aus vulkanischen Ausbrüchen die vor mehr als 70 Milionen Jahren stattgefunden haben. - This island was developed from volcanic eruption they have taken before more than 70 milionen years.Last post 02 Sep 08, 15:20
ist die Übersetzung richtig???2 Replies
real eruption / white checkered / jabbed the air with his fists / shouted his contempt for / to oust him Last post 10 May 15, 10:17
Kontext: Britischer Premier David Cameron kämpft um sein politisches Überleben. Bath ist ber…2 Replies
Quaddelschüben - wheal flares Last post 03 Apr 16, 09:45
Ein Patient leidet seit Jahren an einer chronischen spontanen Urtikaria mit Quincke Ödemen u…5 Replies
EruptionsschlotLast post 26 Feb 04, 21:46
Der Fels im Fjordende ist eigentlich ein alter Eruptionsschlot Could this be translated as …2 Replies