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clue, proof, indication, testimony, exhibit


Bei einer Reihe englischer Wendungen wird kein unbestimmter Artikel verwendet, obwohl er bei deutschen Entsprechungen erscheint.
Adverbien der Art und Weise
Adverbien der Art und Weise stehen in der Regel in folgender Position im Satz:→ bei transitiven Verben (solchen mit direktem Objekt) vor dem Hauptverb oder nach dem Objekt → bei in…

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evidenceLast post 12 Jun 06, 16:24
http://www.globalpolicy.org/ngos/intro/general/2005/07evidence.pdf "How Civil Society Organi…2 Replies
evidenceLast post 15 Nov 12, 08:22
President Barack Obama on Wednesday said no one has provided any evidence so far to indicate 4 Replies
strong evidence, moderate evidence, moderate to strong evidenceLast post 16 Sep 16, 12:16
In der Beantwortung einer Leserinfrage zu Bewegung und Brustkrebsrisiko kommt eine Auflist…1 Replies
evidence - TatsacheLast post 21 Dec 05, 12:19
The trouble is, the evidence does not back up this litany. -> Found in a text dealing with …2 Replies
Evidence erbringen - to render evidenceLast post 10 Sep 05, 22:03
Evidence für eine These erbringen to render evidence for a thesis im wissenschaftlichen Kont…8 Replies
past evidenceLast post 30 Oct 06, 14:50
past evidence of subglacial eruptions is recorded in these volcanic rocks. Der Begriff wird …10 Replies
research evidenceLast post 29 May 07, 14:42
There is, at present, precious little research evidence which has examinded the effectivenes…1 Replies
randomised evidenceLast post 17 Jul 07, 14:02
However, long term use of hormone replacement therapy to prevent chronic disease is no longe…5 Replies
weak evidenceLast post 17 Nov 07, 22:26
The hours variables reveal weak evidence of a comparison effect in hours worked. Was bedeu…2 Replies
tax evidenceLast post 16 Dec 07, 16:52
If you have not yet received this documentation for the current tax year, or if your documen…1 Replies

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