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enact, epact, exalt, exeat, expat, react exakt

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exactLast post 17 Jan 06, 17:21
ich kann ihnen versichern, dass diese Werbeanzeige exavt auf diese Zielgruppe zugeschnitten …2 Replies
more exactLast post 27 Sep 07, 20:55
Could such a life be considered full and productive or was Stevens merely deluding himself a…2 Replies
exact scienceLast post 04 Jan 10, 17:00
is not exact science, but... (fig. meaning) or in the original meaning: http://en.wikipedia…4 Replies
exact oder exactly?Last post 08 Nov 05, 14:36
If I were in a similar situation I would do the exact same things at first. oder lautet der …10 Replies
exact oder exactlyLast post 19 Feb 09, 16:23
Every day I do the exact same things. ODER Every day I do exactly the same things oder geht …3 Replies
exact differential - totales DifferentialLast post 19 Aug 10, 11:16
"In general, an exact differential is an infinitesimal quantity which, when integrated, give…0 Replies
genaue Benotung - exact gradingLast post 24 Jan 05, 13:41
However an exact and final grading ist not possible as early as today. American English OK…2 Replies
brand-name and exact generic equivalentsLast post 24 Nov 06, 10:50
We sell brand-name and exact generic equivalents of US FDA approved prescription drugs throu…2 Replies
Exact meaning of "to initial" neededLast post 25 Jun 19, 14:45
Hi there!I am currently submitting a scientific paper from me and several co-authors and I m…24 Replies
to cheer up from sth. - exact meaningLast post 04 Nov 08, 22:15
Does "to cheer up from sth." mean that the "something" causes sb. to cheer up or is it used …6 Replies

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