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have, evidence, produce, hold, show, display

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exhibit - AbbildungLast post 26 Sep 05, 05:17
in textbooks, in Lehrbüchern abbreviation/Abkürzung: Abb.2 Replies
enclosure or exhibitLast post 07 Jan 05, 10:19
Hi there, Is there actually a difference between exhibit and enclosure? Is an enclosure m…15 Replies
exhibitLast post 26 Mar 06, 18:45
On the 3rd September the vessels were back on site and tests were successfully undertaken to…3 Replies
Unterschied 'exhibit' vs. 'exhibition'Last post 21 Apr 08, 20:15
Leo zeigt auch 'exhibit' für Ausstellung..., ist das dasselbe wie 'exhibition'? Danke?4 Replies
Commissioner's [Exhibit] - BeweisstückLast post 09 Mar 13, 13:37
Aus einem Vernehmungsprotokoll: Commissioner's 1 - Subpoena Commissioner's 2 - XXX Email …2 Replies
exhibit/induce/show or what?Last post 30 May 16, 21:19
Hallo,ihr müsst mir mal wieder bei einem Satz helfen. In einem Paper steht folgendes:One of …3 Replies
exhibit inLast post 09 May 07, 22:52
Hallo liebe Leo-Gemeinde, hier mal im Kontext. Wichtig ist vll noch zu wissen, dass relatio…2 Replies
exhibit accountLast post 25 Aug 08, 12:52
Disclosures have to be made for loans with remaining terms of more than 1 year through the a…0 Replies
exhibit heretoLast post 08 Mar 08, 21:38
This document, which includes any attachments and exhibits hereto, may contain information s…2 Replies
exhibit officerLast post 17 Nov 10, 14:57
This course is for police officers who carry out the role of Exhibits Officer in investigatio5 Replies