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exhibition gameLast post 03 May 17, 15:18
"...the Celtics, Timberwolves, Memphis Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors conducted training camp…26 Replies
Governor's ExhibitionLast post 15 Dec 08, 21:44
The context: "It is important to note the existence of means-tested Governors’ Exhibitions, wh1 Replies
Invitational ExhibitionLast post 13 Aug 10, 23:53
the Invitational Exhibition of the contemporary paintings.... die einladende Ausstellung????4 Replies
manufacturers' exhibitionLast post 13 Mar 07, 17:12
to host a series of presentations and a manufacturers' exhibition. eine Reihe von Präsentat…1 Replies
showcase = exhibition?Last post 22 Mar 09, 15:27
Hallo kann showcase auch sowas wie exhibition heißen? Habe hier ein Angebot (urspr. nicht a…5 Replies
exhibition registarLast post 21 Aug 06, 09:35
exhibition registrar/ financial accounting: to be equally devided es geht um kosten und ausg…3 Replies
juried exhibitionLast post 26 Aug 16, 18:25
She has taken part in several juried exhibitions Also wenn jemand in einer Ausstellung teil…4 Replies
exhibition matchLast post 19 Jun 09, 22:54
Nadal, struggling with tendinitis, tested out his fitness in exhibition matches on Thursday …2 Replies
Gruppenausstellung/Einzelausstellung - Group Exhibition/Single ExhibitionLast post 20 Jan 15, 18:04
In Museen stellen Künstler aus, entweder nur eigene Kunstwerke oder als Künstlergruppe. Ist …4 Replies
loan exhibition - WanderausstellungLast post 23 Sep 05, 10:34
The Gallery receives more than 1.5 million visitors per year, and often participates in inte…2 Replies

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