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Exploitation - InstrumentalizierungLast post 23 Jan 09, 10:38
Quelle: Harper Collins German Unabridged Dictionary, Fourth Edition, 1999, page 443 Beispie…1 Replies
reputation of exploitation - RufausbeutungLast post 24 Apr 08, 21:04
Rufausbeutung einer bekannten Marke Wichtig für Marken- und Urheberrecht2 Replies
exploitation ranksLast post 12 Jan 09, 17:57
"Bad Lieutenant" was directed by Abel Ferrara, a gritty New Yorker who has come up through t…1 Replies
mass exploitationLast post 10 Jun 07, 22:12
The Services we provide could include everything from simple grading of plots to the plannin…1 Replies
resource exploitationLast post 13 Jan 15, 12:24
the internet creates new challenges for resource exploitation and for interacting with instit3 Replies
sexual exploitation ringLast post 08 Jan 13, 14:02
Police said his victim was also abused by men convicted of running a child sexual exploitati…5 Replies
male exploitationLast post 16 May 10, 11:50
when a man exploits a woman ist that male exploitation or is it female exploitation? I´m ki…3 Replies
child sexual exploitation - sexuelle Ausbeutung von KindernLast post 13 Jan 13, 21:32
Child trafficking and child sexual exploitation are both abhorrent forms of child abuse and …1 Replies
exploitation of the servicesLast post 31 Jul 03, 00:13
The supplier shall acquire at its own cost from third parties licences and permissions for e…5 Replies
the tradeoff between exploration and exploitationLast post 01 Apr 08, 13:22
Hallo zusammen,hat jemand eine Idee, was mit der Bezeichung "the tradeoff between exploratio…1 Replies