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actor, Factory, factory Faktor

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FactorLast post 10 Nov 10, 13:09
Was versucht mir jemand zu sagen mit "I have just a little factor at the 8th rip"? Oder ist …5 Replies
pushing factor / pulling factorLast post 13 Feb 08, 10:06
Through the centuries people from around the world habe emigrated to the US, forced to leave…3 Replies
pull-factor vs. push-factorLast post 26 Feb 08, 13:29
the author analyses the german-islamic discourse and points out the pull-factors that make c…2 Replies
seismic parameters: ground acceleration factor, response factor, importance factorLast post 27 May 08, 08:01
aus den Angaben über die Erdbebensicherheit eines Gebäudes entschuldigung, dass ich hier so…2 Replies
Chill-factorLast post 08 Aug 02, 19:59
Welche Bedeutung hat dieser Begriff im englischen? Schauer-Faktor kann ja wohl schlecht geme…14 Replies
view factorLast post 09 Mar 05, 14:04
view factor between two surfaces view factor also called geometric factor or configuration f…2 Replies
prägender factor Last post 08 Mar 06, 10:58
Die Musik war ein prägender Faktor seiner Jugend. Music was a formative factor of his adole…7 Replies
factor partsLast post 31 Mar 06, 10:26
Region/Year\t\t 2003\t2004\tFactor parts/ deal size new customers Licence\t\t\t\t Asia…2 Replies
clustering factor Last post 16 Sep 06, 16:34
The clustering factor describes the distribution of data according to the index, that means …2 Replies
handling factorLast post 17 Jan 07, 15:40
Handling factor: ratio of tonnes lifted to product weight. Es geht um Güterverkehr/ Freight …3 Replies

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