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plant, manufactory, shop, works, site

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factory premises - das BetriebsgrundstückLast post 01 Feb 05, 23:51
"Betriebsgrundstück" sounds strange for the usage "general". I've never seen it used. "Betri…1 Replies
blasting explosives factory - die SprengstofffabrikLast post 02 Oct 14, 22:06
A blast at an explosives factory north of the Bulgarian capital Sofia has killed 15 people. …0 Replies
Nymphenburg porcellain factory - Nymphenburger PorzellanfabrikLast post 02 Apr 07, 10:49
This seems to be a typo; porcelain is spelled with one "l". (Google supports this.)13 Replies
bakery - BrotfabrikLast post 18 May 11, 20:01
During the 20th century, scientific and technical innovations have made it possible for larg…0 Replies
ex factory - ab werk (INCOTERM)Last post 04 Jun 08, 17:43
as per INCOTERMS 2000, the group E clause is exclusively defined as ex works (EXW). the term…4 Replies
Factory Acts (Brit.) - Gesetz betreffend FabrikenLast post 12 Nov 05, 17:09
Singular/plural in not congruent. Should be either "Factory Act" or "GesetzE". Die deutsche…3 Replies
factory - die FaktoreiLast post 10 Oct 11, 09:18
Faktorei, die Wortart: Substantiv, feminin Gebrauch: veraltet größere Handelsniederlassung,0 Replies
factory Last post 30 Jun 08, 08:22
was ist eine factory option? any help appreciated! THX2 Replies
factoryLast post 03 Aug 15, 17:37
Begriff: Factory im Bezug mit den Kolonialherrschaften. Welche Übersetzung eignet sich am b…3 Replies
tanning factory - GerbereiLast post 12 Jun 14, 13:52
The town's light industry includes shoe, paint and varnish, and tanning factories. -2 Replies