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Orthographically similar words

airily, fairy, Family, family, firmly

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tidily, quite, uncluttered, middlingly, justly

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treat fairly or treat fair - fairlyLast post 01 May 11, 19:24
bin mir nicht sicher, ob das zu dairiesen "Sonderverben" hehört, die kein Adverb brauchen mi…10 Replies
adverbs fairly and quiteLast post 23 Sep 13, 14:31
Was ist besser? Wenn etwas fairly good oder quite good ist? (Kontext: leider keiner vorhan…11 Replies
pretty - fairly - quite (well-known)Last post 01 Feb 09, 01:40
Which of these adverbs is stronger, to express "ziemlich"? Is one of them specifically Brit…4 Replies
present fairlyLast post 21 Jun 06, 13:51
this letter is provided ... to give an opinion ... if the statements give a true and fair vi…2 Replies
fairly disclosedLast post 15 Aug 06, 10:39
The buyer shall not be entitled to bring any claim if the underlying facts to which the clai…3 Replies
fairly goodLast post 14 Nov 06, 22:47
Your grammar and vocabulary used in the presentation was fairly good. Hallo, was heißt denn…8 Replies
fairly suaveLast post 17 Jun 09, 10:12
The M&Ss were fairly suave, and it seemed worth running the shower and trying to squeeze the…3 Replies
fairly limitedLast post 22 Dec 08, 14:08
schönen nachmittag, erst mal, ich bin weder milli noch irgendeine andere person, sondern ei…1 Replies
doubled fairlyLast post 24 May 11, 13:56
"Tho' three times doubled fairly." Zitat aus dem traditionellen schottischen Lied "Corn Rig…2 Replies
fairly wellLast post 06 Oct 09, 16:57
things are going fairly well wie wäre das fairly zu übersetzen? sehr gut oder nur relativ gut?2 Replies