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phantasmagoric - traumhaftLast post 27 Apr 05, 10:37
"Phantasmagoric" is a super word, aber es klingt mir ein wenig seltsam. I hear "traumhaft" u…3 Replies
fantastic valueLast post 03 May 08, 10:32
A fantastic value, the DVD-S52 offers must-have features like ..... Wie kann man das kurz u…1 Replies
very fantasticLast post 20 Apr 08, 08:52
It was very fantastic. Can the adverb 'very' modify the adjective 'fantastic'? Is there an…4 Replies
Eine reife Leistung - A fantastic jobLast post 02 Mar 09, 17:50
Eine reife Leistung Lagerung/Reifung Die gekonnte Lagerung sorgt für die überraschende Ges…4 Replies
dreamlike, fantastic, gorgeous, wonderul, phantasmagorial, phantasmagoric, phantasmagorical - traumvollLast post 17 Sep 08, 14:12
"traumvoll" = "traumhaft" ich, zumindest, erkenne diese beiden Wörter als Synonyme3 Replies
Trip the light fantasticLast post 17 Jun 07, 21:01
http://www.amazon.de/Trip-Light-Fantastic-Sophie-Ellis-Bextor/dp/B000PC1PQQ http://www.dict…1 Replies
superb sublime terrific splendid grandiose fantastic grandiose grandiloquent wonderful - grandiosLast post 16 Oct 10, 11:45
Eine grandiose Persönlichkeit. A terrific, etc. person. From different sources.1 Replies
to skip the light fantasticLast post 18 Jan 09, 19:43
"Meanwhile SUN editor Rebekah Wade had a blissful time at her latest office outing, a "Stric…6 Replies
Tripping the live fantastic - Den Zauber der Live-Musik erlebenLast post 14 Nov 06, 11:38
Paul Mac Cartney's Website7 Replies
This book is unputdownable. - Dieses Buch ist so faszinierend, dass man es nicht aus der Hand legen kann.Last post 30 Nov 09, 09:53
"Cannot put down a book" is more common than "unputdownable". Consider adding the above tra…1 Replies