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fatal, irresistibly, mortally, wickedly, resistless

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fatally flawedLast post 16 Aug 07, 13:37
The Democrats are likely to nominate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, "a tough, tenacious, fatal…4 Replies
fatally beatingLast post 10 Apr 14, 15:41
The man was charged with fatally beating and choking his live-in girlfriend's son. ..., wei…2 Replies
fatally wounded vs. mortally woundedLast post 07 Dec 09, 06:08
Would any native speaker see a different shade of meaning between both?8 Replies
to tarnish fatallyLast post 20 Oct 07, 14:35
Zusammenhang: Will "Bad News From the Netherlands" fatally tarnish the country? Perhaps not…2 Replies
to fatally shoot so. - jmdn. erschießenLast post 10 Aug 13, 13:10
A police officer fatally shot the man when he pointed a gun at him. jmdn. totschießen10 Replies
52 Personen wurden teilweise schwer verletzt. - 52 people were partially fatally wounded.Last post 29 Sep 08, 08:02
An article making fun of the bad usage of German in headlines. Doesn't really sound right in…14 Replies
The newly established ICC risks being "fatally damaged" by demands that it cancel its first war crimes indictment because it isLast post 10 Feb 07, 21:23
The newly established international criminal court (ICC) risks being "fatally damaged" by de…15 Replies
tödlich getroffen Last post 18 Jul 08, 17:53
wurden tödlich getroffen [durch einen Schuss] Danke2 Replies
zu Tode hetzenLast post 23 Sep 05, 10:29
from an opera where forest spirits surround an untrue lover and "hetz ihn zu Tode" with a lo…2 Replies
erschießtLast post 20 Feb 07, 20:20
12-jähriger erschießt sich mit der Pistole seines Vaters. Übersetzung des gesamten Satzes w…13 Replies