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favour, flavor, savor

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in one's favor - zu Gunsten vonLast post 17 Jul 07, 14:55
Wenn eine Forderung zu meinen Gunsten geklärt wird, muss ich dann die Versandkosten für die …1 Replies
favor-favour/labor-labourLast post 03 May 08, 18:14
When I - accidentally - use the US spelling favor in stead of favour that spelling sometimes…2 Replies
favorLast post 15 Sep 13, 12:01
his arm was still immobilized and he favored his wounded leg schonen? massieren?3 Replies
favour / favor; color / colour, etc.Last post 29 Mar 06, 11:03
Which one is the "older" version of the same word? Did immigrants to America change the orig…5 Replies
huge favorLast post 13 May 09, 10:37
I need a huge favor. Wär super, wenn mir das jemand beantwortet..!2 Replies
favor bankLast post 01 Oct 11, 02:11
- "Why you're doing this for him ?" - "Favor bank" Wäre die richtige Deutsche Übersetzung F…10 Replies
favorLast post 29 Jan 13, 22:15
I told her that I would favor going on a beach vacation because I just love the beach and su…2 Replies
usage of "she" in favor of "it" Last post 11 May 10, 03:13
Kann mir jemand erklären, warum englische Muttersprachler bei Schiffen/Raumschiffen "she" sa…9 Replies
favor someone - (einem vorfahren, elternteil) ähneln, ähnlich sehenLast post 10 May 12, 08:52
Who does your son favor, you or your wife? Wem ähnelt Ihr Sohn mehr, Ihnen or Ihrer Frau? u…4 Replies
return the favorLast post 02 Jul 08, 17:22
Despite his differences with Britain, Gandhi actually supported the recruitment of Indian so…2 Replies