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farther, Father, father, feathery, heather, leather, weather

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feather (Wappen)Last post 19 Mar 12, 16:12
Es handelt sich um Wappen-artige Schilder, die zum Beispiel von Regierungen an Monarchen als…5 Replies
Feather MoonLast post 26 Jun 10, 04:38
Feather moon Scarlet sky Living clouds My blinded eye Waters black Wood in snow Dead of nigh…1 Replies
Putzfeder - feather duster?!?Last post 04 Apr 08, 12:04
Es geht um eine Fabrik um 1900, die Hüte, Rüschen und Putzfeder herstellte. Ist feather dust…11 Replies
to feather outLast post 08 Dec 19, 22:05
Ich suche ein deutsches Äquivalent für "to feather out". Der Kontext ist: Ein Maler hat ein…9 Replies
broken a feather Last post 04 Nov 07, 23:45
Abba lyrics Chiquitita, tell me the truth I'm a shoulder you can cry on Your best friend, I…4 Replies
barbule / feather barbule Last post 17 Sep 15, 11:44
We show that this effect is achieved not solely by the iridescence—that is an angular-depend…3 Replies
feather blade steakLast post 15 Dec 17, 07:21
Jamie Oliver empfiehlt in einem YouTube Video ein 'feather blade steak' Unterschiedliche Lä…2 Replies
Birds-of-a-feather Last post 02 Apr 07, 16:24
Does anybody know what this could mean? Context is an international Knowledge Management Con…3 Replies
feather bed - das FederbettLast post 28 Jun 16, 11:40
eiderdown   chiefly (Brit.)  - das Federbettcontinental quilt(Brit.)  - das Federbettduvet  - 7 Replies
friends of a featherLast post 22 Aug 10, 15:05
London, friends of a feather and Gilbert & Sullivan. It's all so exciting. Es geht um drei …1 Replies

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