Possible base forms for "finds"

    find (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

fiend, find, Find, fined, finis, Indus Feind, Finis, Fonds, indes, Indus


Verstärkung mit '-soever'
Zur Verstärkung dieser unbestimmten Pronomen kann in manchen Fällen auch -soever verwendet werden.

Forum discussions containing the search term

That's all anyone ever finds here.Last post 13 Sep 07, 18:59
????????????????????????3 Replies
Water always finds its own levelLast post 28 Nov 08, 14:39
Congrats on you and Wilson. Water always finds its own level. Könnte es so was in Richtung,…2 Replies
Gread hidden finds - als versteckt betrachtetLast post 30 Mar 15, 13:11
Two of SharePoint 2007's search features are considered to be great hidden finds. Wie überse…2 Replies
The Jackpot finds its sweet spotLast post 24 Oct 13, 12:21
The Jackpot finds its sweet spot this year with some new style and the Boardwalk offers more…5 Replies
being when it finds its expression...Last post 23 Nov 09, 15:00
*It comes into being *and finds its full expression in... es kommt in Dasein? Ich werde …1 Replies
finds HIS OR HER lungs are hurting. Last post 16 Mar 09, 08:40
A car pumps out exhaust fumes in Wahington and five day later a hiker in the Lake Listrict f…5 Replies
I hope this email finds you wellLast post 18 Sep 08, 08:43
I hope this email finds you well Obige Zeile habe ich schon oft in englischsprachigen eMail…1 Replies
I hope this mail finds you wellLast post 12 Nov 07, 16:34
Dear XXXX I hope this mail finds you well. lalala ich habe das schon öfter am Anfang von ma…1 Replies
"I hope this message finds you well"Last post 08 Oct 14, 19:00
I came across this phrase quite a few times in E-Mails at work - mostly from English native …15 Replies
this letter finds you in good spirits Last post 16 Dec 13, 16:29
Who can help me translate this sentence into German: I hope that this letter finds you in g…11 Replies

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