Possible base forms for "fishing"

    fish (Verb)

Orthographically similar words

dishing, fisting fischig

Related search terms

extracting, angling

Forum discussions containing the search term

fly-fishing - das FliegenfischenLast post 02 Feb 06, 21:04
"to fish = fischen" is a common "false friend"... http://www.uebersetzungsfallen.de/1.html …6 Replies
fishing expeditionLast post 31 Jul 11, 19:06
In English (at least AE), the phrase a "fishing expedition" is investigation or inquiry whic…3 Replies
flew, flue - FischernetzLast post 10 Aug 06, 17:20
This seems to be a totally erroneous definition. If it has any validity, it needs serious cl…4 Replies
fishing jars - SchlagschereLast post 29 Jul 16, 12:04
Schlagschere, Wikipedia:https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tafelschere Google Bildersuche Plate S…1 Replies
blast fishing - Fischen mit SprengsätzenLast post 24 Oct 10, 13:42
Blast fishing or dynamite fishing is the practice of using explosives to stun or kill school…1 Replies
fishing licence - die FischerkarteLast post 06 Apr 18, 14:39
Deutsch:die Fischerkarte: (Österr.) https://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/FischerkarteFischer…9 Replies
tippet (fly fishing tackle)Last post 16 Oct 12, 07:29
"tippet" in angling refers to the last very fine fishing line between the leader and the hoo…1 Replies
black-collared hawk - chestnut hawk - collared fishing hawk - fishing buzzard - fishing hawk - collared fishing buzzard - Fischbussard, m - Schwarzhalsbussard, m (Busarellus nigricollis)Last post 12 Apr 19, 18:19
black-collared hawk  [Vogelkunde] - Fischbussard, m (Busarellus nigricollis)black-collared hawk0 Replies
bone-fishing, goggle-fishingLast post 17 Feb 09, 22:19
The boys took Audrey bone-fishing and goggle-fishing on the reef.3 Replies
fishing gear - AngelausrüstungLast post 05 Nov 03, 22:59
BBC A car loaded with fishing gear and driven by a man might pick up a husband so his wife c…1 Replies

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