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Orthographically similar words

blower, flowed, flowery, fowler, glower, Lower, lower, plower

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spue, scut

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Taschenwörterbuch der Botanik5 Replies
flower bird - KolibriLast post 21 Nov 11, 21:10
LEO gibt als Entsprechung von "Kolibri" als erste englische Übersetzung "flower bird" an. Di…3 Replies
Mehl - FlowerLast post 22 Jan 04, 13:57
Was ich immer schon mal wissen wollte, aber bisher nicht zu fragen wagte: warum heißt Mehl e…13 Replies
sun flower - die SonnenblumeLast post 28 May 11, 04:51
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThread=1076475&idForum=6&lp=ende&lang=en 3 Replies
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Introducing flower sprouts: the Brussels' superfood spin-offBorn from a cross between Brusse…2 Replies
RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower ShowLast post 17 May 15, 22:19
I happen to be in Richmond on the first two days of the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, bu…6 Replies
balcony flower box - der BalkonkastenLast post 13 Dec 11, 09:52
http://www.nextag.com/balcony-flower-boxes/products-html Add beauty to balconies, patios, wa…1 Replies
spray - das GesteckLast post 01 Apr 16, 00:00
I think the German word "Gesteck" means "arrangement of flowers". (Google Image: gesteck ) …14 Replies
A flower with "k"Last post 15 May 06, 10:25
I need your help for a game I am preparing for my English class tonight. Last lesson I taugh…10 Replies
pin Flower & thrum flowerLast post 06 Oct 09, 16:36
The pin flowers have long pistils and short stamens while the thrum flowers have short pisti…0 Replies