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aptness, luck, fate, aptitude, fortune, destiny, deftness

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election fortunes - WahlglückLast post 23 May 14, 12:40
When the polls closed in the Netherlands last night after a day of voting in the European el…1 Replies
mixed fortunesLast post 11 Jan 07, 15:36
We had mixed fortunes from an HR and xx perspective...1 Replies
army's fortunesLast post 20 Sep 08, 02:52
This same colonel is also widely believed, along with Jim Channon, to be the inspiration beh…2 Replies
Britain's fortunes in the 20th century..Last post 19 Mar 08, 16:26
Hallo ich suche einen Ausdruck für "GB's Entwicklungen im 20. Jh.". Habe aber schon x-mal "d…2 Replies
..taken in its fortunes... - siehe Kommentar...Last post 11 Dec 11, 23:18
...taken in its fortune... Hallo, ich bin über Phrase "...taken in its fortunes..." in unt…11 Replies
fortunes are built around...Last post 27 May 07, 15:35
Instead of socio-environmental interventions to reduce the number of violent attacks, fortun…1 Replies
"A tale of flowering fortunes"Last post 19 Jan 12, 15:30
Hallo alle miteinander. Hat jemand eine Idee, wie man das geschmackvoll auf Deutsch sagen kö…2 Replies
XXX will transform your fortunes in 2008.Last post 02 Jan 08, 15:51
Internet-Slogan eines Unternehmens, der in einem Händlerportal Verwendung finden soll. Hint…1 Replies
“Dependent fortunes are better than the risk of no fortune at all,” as Wood, says in a nutshell.Last post 05 Jun 07, 17:45
Commas and stuff are confusing me. I wish to quote the sentence: Dependent fortunes are bett…1 Replies
In der wirtschaftlichen Aufbruchstimmung des Kaiserreichs beschlossen der Kaufmann A und der Apotheke B „das alteberühmte <Firmennname>“ neu zu beleben. - During the economic reforms at the time of the German Empire, a businessman, A, and a pharmacist, B, took the decision to revive Last post 30 Aug 05, 18:38
Quite an involved question this IŽm afraid. The sentence comes from a company history of a c…0 Replies