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Orthographically similar words

farm, foam, form, roam, romp, room Afro, Brom, Farm, Flom, Form, froh, fromm, Fron, Rom, ROM

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of, ex, in

Forum discussions containing the search term

aside from - außerdemLast post 11 Dec 14, 23:57
Ich finde kein mögliches Beispiel, in dem man aside from direkt mit außerdem überse4 Replies
descended from - Nachkommen vonLast post 31 Dec 06, 19:34
There's no reason for a capital (Grossbuchstabe) N in this context. nachkommen is here simp…6 Replies
from the first\t - von vornehereinLast post 04 Aug 09, 23:41
"From the first" means nothing at all and simply cannot be said! "From the outset" or "from …4 Replies
distinct from - deutlichLast post 03 Feb 09, 15:47
Wordsworth Engl-German German-Engl Dictionary 1996 Bsp.: He distinctly remembered - er erin…0 Replies
Working from homeLast post 22 Jan 07, 10:59
There's a nice series on Radio 4 at the moment about working from home; you can listen to it…32 Replies
Pfändung: from whom?Last post 11 Nov 16, 18:24
My boss has received 2 letters from the Zoll to say that he has to pay them everything I ear…9 Replies
Livemitschnitt from BayreuthLast post 28 Jul 18, 18:21
BR-Klassik is broadcasting some performances described as Liveübertragung and others describ…2 Replies
from today's prospect - aus heutiger Sicht ....Last post 28 Jun 06, 11:04
Zusammenhang: Aus heutiger Sicht sind folgende Termine verfügbar ....1 Replies
discharge - EntlastungLast post 09 Oct 08, 15:23
I've just brought this up again in the "Englisch gesucht" forum. In Articles of Association…0 Replies
From, as from, or "from... onwards"Last post 15 May 15, 12:58
The program can be run on "Multix Searchpro" from version 4 or would it be better to write…2 Replies