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drop-off, refuse, rubbish, trash, offal, waste

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garbage - MüllLast post 09 Apr 07, 23:22
1. Oxford Dictionary: waste food put out as worthless, or for pigs, etc. 2. Sprachgebrauch i…7 Replies
Garbage?Last post 16 Feb 07, 16:14
Is it just me or is this garbage? "In der erfindungsgemässen Ausführung, dass im Prüfgerät übe11 Replies
garbage - SpeiseresteLast post 12 May 07, 10:30
1. Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (2. Auflage, 1963): waste food put out as worthless, …3 Replies
garbage tip [Amer.] - die MüllkippeLast post 08 Feb 05, 14:17
I've never heard of a "garbage tip" before, but googling for the term returns only Australia…2 Replies
garbage can!Last post 16 Jan 08, 13:49
hört man beim Ausdruck "garbage can !" die Doppeldeutigkeit von "Mülleimer" und "Müll kann!"…6 Replies
garbage disposal - MüllhäckslerLast post 19 Feb 05, 09:07
Wann benutzt man das Ding? Ich soll die Frage beantworten, was beachtet werden muss, wenn m…11 Replies
garbage pail - MülleimerLast post 16 Oct 08, 13:12
http://www.thegreathardwarestore.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=105908&click=2744 http:/…0 Replies
garbage in, garbage out - Müll rein, Müll rausLast post 06 Dec 05, 21:39
Although many traders think they qualify for that task, only a small percentage actually doe…5 Replies
garbage can lid - MülltonnendeckelLast post 21 Aug 07, 17:03
Leo-Artikel: 1. garbage 2. can 3. lid => kombiniert =Mülltonnendeckel1 Replies
café garbageLast post 09 Feb 08, 15:11
Picked him up in a Texas town a few years back, living off café garbage.2 Replies