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Gong, Gotin

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desirous of going - bestrebt zu gehenLast post 08 May 15, 14:56
"Desirous of going" is just not English at all. It doesn't even make sense!! Please remove t…8 Replies
Going abroad to CanadaLast post 06 Apr 07, 01:54
Hey all. I´m going to leave Germany behind me for a while and try to gain a foothold in Canada,18 Replies
Going rate for proofreading?Last post 09 Apr 11, 23:20
Happy Friday all. I need some beer money so I'm thinking of posting a flyer at my local Germ…22 Replies
going toLast post 20 Jun 14, 13:14
When do you preferably use 'going to' in everyday talk? Would you use it here. It's going t…11 Replies
go - goingLast post 19 Nov 04, 14:54
Hallo, vielleicht bin ich nur zu blöde, aber: könnte mir bitte jemand den Unterschied zwis…7 Replies
led goingLast post 16 Aug 16, 23:25
Eingebettet ist diese Wortkombination in diesen Satz: Bahamas-born Miller led going into the…3 Replies
Children going to school aloneLast post 24 Oct 08, 13:31
Hello LEOs During my past few months in Germany I've noticed many young children (some of th…169 Replies
Going rate for translation services?Last post 10 Jan 08, 04:36
I was contacted by a local company who needs some engineering drawings translated from Germa…5 Replies
How's it going? / How does it going?Last post 19 Jan 10, 03:17
Hi, hab nur "How's it going?" gefunden. Ich denke hierbei ist das "'s" für "is". Wenn dies …2 Replies
how a ya going - how's it going?Last post 17 Dec 07, 04:03
Just a brief question: I assume the two phrases mentioned above are only used in an inform…4 Replies