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reign, administer, manage, regulate, control, conduct

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governLast post 03 Dec 14, 17:38
"we still had a province to govern" Hier geht es darum, dass ein Regierungsbeamter vom Köni…5 Replies
governLast post 25 Nov 09, 16:42
The inquiry is expected to be the most thorough investigation yet into the decisions that le…5 Replies
govern actionsLast post 07 Jul 09, 13:45
SBVR covers two aspects: Vocabulary (natural language ontology) and Rules (elements of guida…2 Replies
govern - regelnLast post 25 Dec 08, 11:48
The Law of Febraury 24th, 1984 decrees that the national language of the people of Luxembour…3 Replies
construe and governLast post 27 Jul 07, 17:05
This contract will be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of the USA Danke euch6 Replies
Daten verwalten - wirklich govern?Last post 17 Aug 07, 18:21
Auf die Gefahr hin, eine echt blöde Frage zu stellen.. stimmt das? Oder kann man da auch ad…4 Replies
govern through parliamental decreeLast post 12 Nov 12, 14:07
As in the Weimar Rebublic. Beispiel: The administrations of Chancellors Brüning, Papen, Sch…6 Replies
to govern sth to sthLast post 12 Jan 09, 16:36
Armies are bound by laws of war governing military necessity to the amount of force which ca…1 Replies
govern the ecology of victimizationLast post 06 Jul 16, 15:34
Kriminalbeamte an einem Tatort. Es ist kalt. Der Sergeant schlägt dem Inspector vor, sie sol…13 Replies
govern body of legal statureLast post 16 Jun 10, 10:44
Textbeispiel: Should the investigation extend beyond thirty (30) days youwin.com will requir…2 Replies

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