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craft, draft, grant, grate, grift, raft Girat, Graf, Graph, Graphit, Grafit, Grat, Gruft, Kraft, Ranft

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allogenic graft - allogenes Transplantat\tLast post 04 Apr 17, 18:18
allogenic graft [med.] - allogenes Transplantat\t allogenic graft [med.] - artgleiches Tran…4 Replies
heterograft - autologes TransplantatLast post 05 Nov 12, 09:39
heterograft [med.] autologes Transplantat - to be corrected as above heterograft [med.] da1 Replies
layered graft, full graftLast post 07 Feb 07, 15:02
A full rather than a layered graft replacing the entire thickness of the cornea would probab…1 Replies
autologous graft - autologes TransplantatLast post 26 Oct 07, 17:36
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThread=373513&idForum=3&lp=ende&lang=de 0 Replies
Hauttransplantat - skin graftLast post 09 Dec 11, 17:38
Bei ganz schweren Verbrennungen (dritten Grades) verwenden die Ärzte Hauttransplantate um si…1 Replies
Auflagerungsplastik - graft plasticLast post 13 Jan 09, 14:35
Plastische Rekonstruktion und Augmentation der Maxilla: Auflagerungsplastik, total Graft ist…0 Replies
free mucosal graft - freies SchleimhauttransplantatLast post 30 Oct 07, 10:12
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThread=371028&idForum=6&lp=ende&lang=de 1 Replies
graft-bustingLast post 03 Aug 07, 16:15
He had to step down as head of the party's powerful graft-busting discipline and inspection …2 Replies
lamellar graftLast post 20 Jan 10, 22:46
For post surgical conditions where bandage lens use is indicated such as post refractive sur…4 Replies
arteriovenous graftLast post 22 Apr 08, 15:10
arteriovenous graft is one of the vascular accesses for hemodialysis8 Replies