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brand, grade, grain, grant, grind, groan Brand, Grad, Gran, Grande, Grind, Grund, Rand, Rande

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Grand Canary - Gran CanariaLast post 18 Aug 15, 17:28
https://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=grand%20canary&searchLoc=0&resultOrder=basic21 Replies
grand duke - der GroßfürstLast post 08 Aug 04, 16:07
Das Wort "duke" bedeutet "Herzog", und "prince" bedeutet "Fürst" (auch wortwoertlich: prince…3 Replies
grand piano - der KonzertflügelLast post 05 Mar 10, 23:56
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piano#Grand In grand pianos, the frame and strings are horizon…7 Replies
grand - -tausendLast post 17 Nov 08, 16:27
OALD: grand /{phon_capg}raend/ adj., noun > noun 1 (pl. grand) (informal) $1 000; £1 000: It&2 Replies
Spain is grand. - grandLast post 23 Oct 13, 19:39
The text is about a holiday. Can you use grand in the sense of great / wonderful.5 Replies
grand narrative - GroßerzählungLast post 22 Feb 14, 15:23
DEUTSCH "Großerzählungen sind Versuche, die Welt als Ganze zu deuten und das eigene Leben d…2 Replies
grand jury - AnklagejuryLast post 27 Apr 11, 20:14
Pons Fachwoerterbuch Recht: grand jury = Anklagejury (die sich aus auf Zeit ernannten Buerge…2 Replies
"Grandchildren make life grand."Last post 17 May 16, 10:50
I have a German-American friend whose American wife is attempting to make a German sign as a…38 Replies
Grand Canary - Gran CanariaLast post 08 Sep 07, 17:10
http://concise.britannica.com/ebc/article-9037642/Gran-Canaria-Island Name der spanischen In…1 Replies
Powers of the Großherzog (Grand-Duc) of Luxemburg?Last post 09 May 08, 12:47
I'm unclear about the powers of the Grand-Duc of Luxemburg. I have a friend in Luxemburg w…11 Replies