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Orthographically similar words

drudge, trudge

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envy, rancour, dudgeon, rancor, begrudge

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begrudge and grudgeLast post 15 Nov 07, 17:47
Wie könnte ich " to grudge" ansttat "to begrudge" verwenden? Als Beispiel gebe ich den Sat…2 Replies
grudgeLast post 29 Mar 09, 18:22
From the Economist edition of 14th of March 2009 in an article about the Warschau Ghetto: "S…1 Replies
family grudgeLast post 11 Oct 08, 13:52
Mrs Palin was accused of dismissing Mr Monegan for refusing to sack a state trooper who was …3 Replies
grudge raceLast post 07 Apr 08, 18:49
a grudge race (or grudge match) is slang for a competition in which two players play a match…2 Replies
Ethnic grudgeLast post 27 Jan 12, 08:52
He's not racist per say. He has what they call an ethnic grudge.5 Replies
owe so. a grudgeLast post 08 Oct 09, 03:19
Ist "to owe so. a grudge" das Gleiche wie "to bear so. a grudge"? Danke im Voraus! Gruß, Gerda1 Replies
to hold a grudge against so.Last post 24 Oct 07, 04:44
Mr Nilsmark said the vehicle was not intended for guests' use, but added: "I don't hold any …2 Replies
This grudge will suck me dryLast post 04 Mar 08, 19:44
Oh I know, my time is wasted by this hatred Oh I know, this grudge will suck me dry But mayb…3 Replies
einen Groll auf jmdn. haben - to nurse a grudge against so.Last post 10 Dec 09, 19:01
Diese hatte einen Groll auf den Clodius um seiner Schwester Clodia willen, von der sie glau…1 Replies
He doesn't bear a grudge easily.Last post 12 Feb 10, 15:23
Was ich sagen will: "I don't think he is a person who is quick to bear a grudge." Mein Ver…2 Replies