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Orthographically similar words

ally, ball, call, fall, gall, hail, half, halo, halt, haul, heal, hill, hull, pall all, All, alle, Ball, Call, Fall, halb, Halle, Hallo, Halm, Halo, Hals, Halt, hell, Wall

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Lecture Hall - HörsaalLast post 13 Jun 08, 15:02
Lecture Hall is not just British English. It is widely used in America also (perhaps in othe…2 Replies
town hall vs city hallLast post 02 Mar 12, 19:04
Both options for "Rathaus", city hall is marked as exclusively AE. I am curious: Do large ci…28 Replies
kitchen and social hallLast post 24 Dec 11, 03:59
Context: Kitchen and social hall, I came to understand are vital to the life of religious in…5 Replies
sports hall vs. gymnasiumLast post 09 Mar 12, 09:41
Auf der Website einer britischen Schule fand ich bei den sports facilities Folgendes: Gymna…4 Replies
American English for hallLast post 22 Nov 17, 09:15
I know there are discussions about this, but they are not conclusive. My question: In Britis…5 Replies
Straightfoward town hallLast post 29 Jun 05, 23:03
The Mopo did an article on the level of English spoken in Hamburg to see if we are ready for…3 Replies
Carnegie Hall - AusspracheLast post 19 Jun 10, 16:41
Ich habe zwei verschiedene Aussprachen für Carnegie gefunden, einmal mit Betonung auf 'Car',…3 Replies
mess hall - KantineLast post 04 Jun 12, 22:41
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThread=1154468&idForum=7&lp=ende&lang=de 19 Replies
hall of imperial supremacy / hall of martial valorLast post 09 Sep 08, 17:20
Halle der kaiserlichen Gewalt? Halle des kriegerischen (Helden)mutes?5 Replies
hallLast post 28 May 07, 01:26
"Medical Captains in khaki dine in hall by candlelight." Das ganze spielt am Trinity College…30 Replies