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Chandler, chandler, handle, handled Händler, Handle, Tandler, Wandler

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handler - FührungsoffizierLast post 30 Apr 10, 17:22
New Delhi, April 29: Indian diplomat Madhuri Gupta, arrested for spying for Pakistan, has be…0 Replies
handlerLast post 16 Nov 11, 18:45
Der Mann ist Agent des MI5. His HANDLERS were admirably understanding and changed his ident…2 Replies
handlerLast post 05 Mar 10, 13:46
I have to contact my handler first. Im Sinne von "Coach/Anleiter eines Undercover-Agenten".…2 Replies
handlerLast post 03 Jan 17, 23:44
"It appears the cop Sercan B., the first roommate of assassin Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş with whom…3 Replies
mobile cable handler - SchleppketteLast post 17 Feb 11, 10:58
Schleppkette f [El.] (Kabel) -> mobile cable handler (Mech) as opposed to: Schleppkette f …0 Replies
snake handler - SchlangenfängerLast post 10 Jul 13, 19:03
The huge python was recovered by a snake handler after police investigated a suspected break…2 Replies
Gepäckabfertiger - baggage handlerLast post 05 May 13, 20:51
Zu den Aufgaben der Gepäckabfertiger auf einem Flughafen gehören das Be- und Entladen von Ge…2 Replies
dog handler - HundeführerLast post 29 Aug 03, 09:33
At customs there are doghandlers with their dogs in search of drugs hidden in cars and truck…0 Replies
baggage handler - GepäckabfertigerLast post 12 Aug 05, 10:32
ist doch klar, oder?!3 Replies
message handlerLast post 30 Mar 06, 13:53
...a message handler to receive a message ... and capable of extracting commands from the me…4 Replies