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trapdoor, sluiceway, waterway, outlet, hatchway

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to hatch (out) - schlüpfenLast post 01 Apr 09, 13:58
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hatchLast post 30 Dec 17, 18:54
ID_MODIFY_HATCH = Hatch selected\\nHatchHATCH1DELHATCH = Undo hatchCANHATCH = can hatchNOHAT…1 Replies
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Malaysia opens 'baby hatch' to save unwanted newborns Babyfenster1 Replies
roof hatch - die DachlukeLast post 13 Dec 11, 17:03
https://www.google.com/search?q=roof+hatch&hl=de&prmd=imvns&source=lnms&tbm=isch&1 Replies
food hatchLast post 11 Sep 11, 22:24
Hotelzimmerbeschreibung: Spacious, open-plan room including a seating area, private food hat…5 Replies
cross-hatchLast post 20 Dec 09, 16:33
"Grid" is defined as the cross-hatch of rules to which individuals are subject in the course…2 Replies
to batten down the hatch(es) - die Schotten dicht machenLast post 26 Feb 14, 17:35
Zitat aus: Claviez "Seemännisches Wörterbuch" Delius Klasing, 3. Auflage 1994 "schalken, ver…24 Replies
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Jaguar XK (2006): It is in a lift back style with a rear hatch gate. Is hatchgate the same a…18 Replies