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Orthographically similar words

ahem, elm, haem, halm, heal, heel, Heel, Hell, hell, helo, help, Help, hem, heme, hemp, herm, holm, them, whelm Häm, Halm, Hehl, heil, Heil, Heim, heim, Held, Heli, hell, Hemd, Holm, ähem

Forum discussions containing the search term

helm vs. conLast post 05 Feb 11, 14:36
decided to try here first... from Master & Commander X held the helm, and Y the con anybod…6 Replies
kettle helm(et) - EisenhaubeLast post 23 Jan 07, 18:08
"...Der Fußknecht, der Bogen- und Armbrustschütze trug vom 12. Jahrhundert an eine weit weni…5 Replies
to have weather helm - luvgierig seinLast post 17 Apr 08, 22:26
http://www.marinewaypoints.com/learn/glossary/glossary.shtml "Lee Helm - Sailing with the t…2 Replies
melmet-mounted - am Helm befestigtLast post 15 Feb 13, 12:00
Helmet-mounted lamps are key equipment for beetle-hunters. ...montiert2 Replies
napping the helmLast post 05 Jun 07, 18:34
In many countries such clear signs of napping at the helm would surely lead to corporate chi…5 Replies
eyes helm ofLast post 26 Sep 08, 13:05
Spielberg eyes helm of DreamWorks' 'Chocky' DreamWorks has acquired the dramatic rights to 4 Replies
at the helmLast post 22 Feb 10, 19:10
"[Während er sich in Richtung X bewegte, ...] away from the earlier emersion in the semantic…5 Replies
military orchid - das Helm-Knabenkraut, wiss.: Orchis militarisLast post 13 Feb 15, 23:48
http://rbg-web2.rbge.org.uk/cgi-bin/nph-readbtree.pl/dataset=bsbi%7Cdb/filename=bsbitaxa/fir…0 Replies
Sitzt der Helm gut? Passt dir der Helm gut? - Does the helmet fit you well?Last post 03 Oct 19, 16:22
Danke!2 Replies
to take over the helm - das Steuer übernehmen (fig.)Last post 09 Mar 04, 18:34
BBC Greek PM takes over Olympic helm. Karamanlis is determined to see successful games. The …1 Replies