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hinueberLast post 08 Dec 02, 22:52
Ich bin so hinueber "I'm such a wreck" is this what it means? thanks very much.1 Replies
hinüber seinLast post 17 Apr 05, 11:43
http://www.jex-treme.de/forum/archive/6056/thread.html Er war völlig virenverseucht. - Aber …1 Replies
hinüber klingenLast post 30 Jun 10, 19:32
.. hört die Musik, die vom Platz hinüber klingt. Danke!3 Replies
die Pflanze ist hinüberLast post 17 Jun 10, 13:52
Die Pflanze ist hinüber, ich hätte ihr mehr Wasser geben sollen.4 Replies
across from -- quer/ quer durch/hinueber??Last post 05 Jan 09, 18:02
Hi, I get very confused in German with ways of saying 'across.' In this case I'd like to s…2 Replies
something has had it - etwas ist hin/hinüber/am EndeLast post 01 Aug 11, 00:59
Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary: "have had it informal (of a machine, etc.) to be i…0 Replies
to be shot - futsch seinLast post 30 Oct 14, 09:42
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewUnsolvedquery.php?idThread=1272413&idForum=2&lp=ende Webster'7 Replies
high as a kite - wahnsinnig gut drauf seinLast post 15 May 06, 14:00
"I am high as a kite" she said after she had finished her first diving lesson successfully …6 Replies
dead to the world - im Tiefschlaf seinLast post 07 Oct 10, 11:09
A: Did you speak to Matthew about the party tonight? B: No, he's still dead to the world Mat…3 Replies
head overLast post 24 Nov 10, 16:08
Get a web cam and head over to the video chat. Hi! Weiß jemand was mit "head over" gemeint …1 Replies