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hollow / voidLast post 19 Aug 08, 22:57
Ist meine Defnition korrekt? Hollows: beabsichtigte Hohlräume, wie z.B. in einen Hochlochzi…3 Replies
hollow charge - HohlladungLast post 30 Apr 06, 13:06
"Hollow charge" seems to be translated literally.3 Replies
hollow - die SenkeLast post 22 Aug 05, 23:32
see examples Cassell's German Dictionary: Senke, f. [..] 2. low ground, hollow, depression …1 Replies
Hollow floor - HohlbodenLast post 22 Sep 08, 09:50
Ernst technical dictionary: Hohlboden m (Bau) / hollow floor o. ceiling Missing perhaps beca…4 Replies
Balkontiefe - hollowLast post 07 Feb 11, 13:21
Balkontiefe: Abstand von einer Schenkeloberfläche zu einer Tieferliegenden. Es geht um das t…1 Replies
cavity block tile - HohlblocksteinLast post 20 Jun 08, 11:43
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&6 Replies
hollowLast post 28 Mar 09, 14:14
Shakespeares Romeo & Julia: Julia: It was the nightingale, and not the lark, That pierced th…1 Replies
hollow balloon-plug - DurchgangsblaseLast post 01 Dec 05, 10:43
http://www.hermes-technologie.de/europa/engl/entsorgung/schaeden_4.html Device used in repa…0 Replies
hollow stem auge - HohlbohrschneckeLast post 21 Jul 09, 15:38
Hollow-stem CF-Augers with 3-lock-Couplings for water well installation and soil investigation2 Replies
Coilmulde - coil hollowLast post 11 Jan 11, 10:37
Der LKW verfügt über zwei Coilmulden für den Transprot von Stahlcoils. The truck has two coi…0 Replies

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