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Orthographically similar words

dose, hoe, hoise, hoke, hole, hone, hope, host, house, lose, nose, pose, shoe Dose, Hase, hohe, Host, House, lose, Oase, Öse, Pose, Rose

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bladderwort Hosen

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to hose - schlauchenLast post 17 Jan 11, 17:41
tr.v. hosed, hos·ing, hos·es 1. To water, drench, or wash with a hose: hosed down the deck;…5 Replies
hose = lineLast post 25 Jan 02, 05:45
I wonder whether these two words are completely synonyms, or are there differences in the me…6 Replies
kegs - HoseLast post 22 Jun 09, 00:42
Pants (UK) or shorts (US). Take off the kegs. Quell: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.p…2 Replies
hose pump - SchlauchpumpeLast post 14 Nov 12, 00:28
I think that Schlauchpumpe is translated with peristaltic pump instead of hose pump. I work …4 Replies
Jacke wie HoseLast post 19 Dec 05, 11:15
Here is another phrase that has me entirely baffled: Das ist Jacke wie Hose. It is supposed …7 Replies
Aussprache "Chino" (Hose)Last post 20 Jun 11, 17:01
Was es ist, ist uns klar: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinohose Nur wie die Bezeichnung hi…10 Replies
hose vs. tubeLast post 02 Apr 18, 19:55
Hi ...Kann mir jemand den Unterschied zwischen 'hose' und 'tube' erkläre, bitte? zb. beim ca…3 Replies
drip hose - SchwitzschlauchLast post 10 Apr 07, 17:45
Englisch: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hose Deutsch: http://www.taschner-bewaesserungssystem…6 Replies
nothing doing - tote HoseLast post 28 Jun 06, 23:14
In einem meiner Uni-Kurse mussten wir "nothing doing" übersetzen, und lt. unserem Prof (Amer…11 Replies
pantaloon - die HoseLast post 06 Apr 15, 10:41
First, the English should be plural. pantaloons plural noun 1 baggy trousers gathere6 Replies