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Human, human, humane, humins human

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humans - MenschenLast post 11 Mar 11, 16:16
Original source is the LA Times. http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-daum-…2 Replies
early humans - FrühmenschenLast post 27 Dec 11, 02:43
This discovery overturns the long-held belief that early humans steered clear of chilly Brit…4 Replies
utilize in connection with humans??Last post 04 Sep 12, 11:50
I've just read a formal text where they write that "staff or external freelancers are utiliz…7 Replies
aboriginal humans - aboriginal peopleLast post 28 Dec 08, 13:46
But there are many Aboriginal humans who live in the outback. Ich hab das in der Arbeit gesc…3 Replies
one-use humansLast post 01 Dec 11, 19:51
"Economic migrants, refugees, prisoners in the war on terror, torture victims, inhabitants o…4 Replies
klonen von menschen - cloning of humans??Last post 14 Mar 08, 11:43
Wie sage ich: Es fing mit Lebensmittel an, und in ein paar Jahren wird es möglich sein Mensc…1 Replies
vertebrates ancestral to humansLast post 11 Dec 08, 13:56
the first species first appeared about 200 million years ago, well after vertebrates ancestr…3 Replies
where humans were concernedLast post 23 Jul 18, 19:25
The ability to separate truth from lies made them valuable, especially where humans were con…5 Replies
to crush the hapless humansLast post 08 Mar 09, 12:46
In Sternberg's works, the causes of terror are not ghosts or vampires but the modern-day cit…2 Replies
to steal cycles from humansLast post 26 Apr 11, 11:57
"... to discover if computers can currently solve the following tasks..." 1) - 4)... 5) Stea…3 Replies