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    identify (Verb)

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has identified vs. identifiedLast post 17 Apr 10, 01:12
Michael Porter has identified five forces that determine the intrinsic long-term attractivene2 Replies
nameable, namable - namhaftLast post 15 Apr 09, 21:22
See LEO forum entries: http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThread=676618&idForum=7&3 Replies
has been identified to restrictLast post 24 Apr 12, 15:10
Hallo, also irgendwie hört sich das nicht ganz richtig an... XY has been identified to rest…4 Replies
de-identifiedLast post 02 Jun 07, 18:07
De-identified Pharmacogenomic sampling Es handelt sich um den Ablaufplan einer medizinische…2 Replies
identified patientLast post 06 Jun 08, 04:20
Confusing matters more is that sometimes children with behavioral problems get attention - p…1 Replies
etwas optisch erkennen - visually identifiedLast post 06 Sep 05, 13:10
Die Palettenkontour wird bei Auslagerung optisch erkannt. The pallet shape is visually iden…6 Replies
have been identified in other photos clearly Last post 22 Nov 14, 15:11
Now, photographs and descriptions from eastern Ukraine endorsed by the Obama administration …5 Replies
largely identified worth...Last post 11 Nov 08, 14:09
Ich habe einen Satz gefunden, den Churchill gesagt haben soll und ein Teil davon irritiert m…4 Replies
...identified remarkable conditionsLast post 05 Sep 07, 21:45
She is not recommended for any specialized examinations, monitoring or treatment for any ide…2 Replies
Attested as IdentifiedLast post 31 Aug 09, 13:54
Aus einem indischen Affidavit am Ende des Dokumentes. Sagt diese Floskel irgendjemandem etwas?5 Replies