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Implementierung / ImplementationLast post 08 Aug 04, 13:26
Mir ist aufgefallen, dass in deutschsprachigen Informatiktexten häufig "Implementation" anst…9 Replies
pilot implementationLast post 07 May 09, 14:45
testing the feasibility of the toolkit by organising a series of pilot implementation projec…2 Replies
implementation documentationLast post 22 Aug 07, 20:01
the implementation documentation describes the steps that are necessary to proceed from the …2 Replies
implementation organisationLast post 09 Jun 08, 14:26
The center based in South Africa conducts innovative laser research for the Council for Scie…3 Replies
implementation bodiesLast post 29 Apr 06, 20:04
The establishment of the North-South Ministerial Council, implementation bodies, the British…2 Replies
implementation / adoptionLast post 13 Jan 08, 21:56
"Another success politicians expect from the implementation of ID-cards is that it is assure…2 Replies
implementation contractLast post 30 Apr 19, 17:22
Es geht um einen Liefervertrag zwischen zwei Unternehmen. Es gibt einen Rahmenvertrag, der d…6 Replies
implementation supportLast post 09 Jun 15, 19:07
We provide best-in-class technical and implementation support Ich weiß, der Originalsatz kl…5 Replies
implementation pathwayLast post 13 Aug 13, 10:46
The bottom line of this report is that a new national scheme for disability — like Medicare …1 Replies
implementation bindingLast post 17 May 10, 08:22
COM object with CLSID %s could not be created from implementation binding Es handelt sich u…0 Replies

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