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detainment, arrest, durance

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to get life imprisonment - "lebenslänglich" bekommenLast post 16 Sep 14, 13:48
South Carolina women get life for toddler's death. http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/11/0…3 Replies
unlawful Imprisonment - FreiheitsberaubungLast post 16 May 11, 11:16
http://edition.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/05/16/new.york.imf.questioning/index.html?hpt=T1 Trifft di…1 Replies
False imprisonmentLast post 06 Jul 09, 09:49
Prisoner X was found guilty of assault and false imprisonment. The German translations of t…1 Replies
imprisonment concurrent Last post 26 May 08, 22:26
a 14 month imprisonment concurrent hey folks, maybe u could help me find a german aquivalen…1 Replies
imprisonment rateLast post 09 Feb 10, 16:01
ich suche ein deutches Wort für imprisonment rate! kann mir jemand helfen! danke im voraus1 Replies
to get life imprisonment - "lebenslänglich" bekommenLast post 22 Feb 11, 14:54
His father was disgusted with the sentence: "My son got life". www.theherald.com.au/news/lo…0 Replies
imprisonment in default.Last post 09 Jul 07, 09:49
He was convicted on all counts and sentenced to a total fine of 235 GbP, or to a total of 61…2 Replies
restriction of liberty / imprisonment UnterschiedLast post 15 Feb 10, 19:05
"is punishable by fine or by restriction of liberty for up to three years or by imprisonment…3 Replies
a term of imprisonment or an unlimited fine - eine Gefängnisstrafe oder einen unbegrenzten StrafgeldbescheidLast post 28 Jul 09, 21:20
for breaking the law1 Replies
By reason of defalcation he served a term of imprisonment.Last post 14 Jan 10, 19:45
heißt das: Wegen Veruntreuung verbüßte er eine Gefängnisstrafe.??1 Replies