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inclose - einschließenLast post 08 Jun 11, 13:06
#13 karink: found "inclose" [sic] on LEO (as one of the translations for "einschliessen") #1…4 Replies
include oder contain?Last post 03 Apr 08, 15:44
Das Fotoalbum enthält Fotos von 2008 und Winter 2007. Passt da besser contains oder includes?2 Replies
to include - inkludierenLast post 18 Nov 14, 08:26
in|klu|die|ren [lat. includere = einschließen, zu: claudere, →Klause] (bildungsspr., Fachsp…5 Replies
berücksichtigen - includeLast post 26 May 08, 17:29
Ich möchte schreiben: The big advantage of TTL-light metering is that the camera also inclu…5 Replies
umfassen - includeLast post 19 Mar 20, 06:30
Das Buero wurde 1983 von Richard Cass gegruendet und umfasst heutzutage 20 Mitarbeiter die a…4 Replies
includeLast post 14 Dec 08, 03:19
other ligands of CD44 include fibroblast growth factor, osteopontin matrix metalloproteases…1 Replies
Could "Gebäck" include Stollen?Last post 16 Nov 17, 11:40
bei Glühwein, Saft und weihnachtlichem Gebäck - the last, simple word has just flummoxed me84 Replies
include on / include offLast post 04 Sep 08, 12:40
Component support needs to include on / off selection of the four components(x,x,x,x)3 Replies
Satzzeichen - what does this include?Last post 15 Jan 07, 14:21
I have the book "Komma, Punkt und alle anderen Satzzeichen" (Duden) and it seems that whatev…10 Replies
What does "braten" include exactly?Last post 17 Mar 17, 18:31
I know Leo has various translations, but I want to get a clear picture for myself of what is…28 Replies